BlackBerry Classic - BlackBerry Classic keys

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BlackBerry Classic keys

The BlackBerry Classic keys help you efficiently make and answer calls, select menu options and items, and go back to the
previous screen or the home screen.




• Open the Phone app
• Answer a call
• Redial (press twice)


• Open a menu
• Apply the action for a highlighted menu item
• On the home screen, press to open the device settings
• In an app, open the app settings and Help (press and hold)
• Apply the default action (press twice)


• Select and open an item
• Select adjacent items (press and hold the Shift key and slide your finger on the


• Select multiple items (press and hold the Shift key and press the trackpad to select or



• Go back to the previous screen
• Minimize an app when there is no previous screen to go back to
• Close a menu
• Close a highlighted, minimized app


• End a call while in the Phone app
• While on a call but not in the Phone app, press to return to the Phone app. Press again

to end the call.

• Decline an incoming call
• Go back to the home screen
• Turn on or turn off your BlackBerry device (press and hold)

User Guide

Setup and basics