BlackBerry Classic - What’s different about the BlackBerry 10 OS?

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What's different about the BlackBerry 10


If you're new to a BlackBerry 10 device, you might be eager to learn more about what makes it different from other

BlackBerry devices. Find information about the home screen, settings, messages, and apps. Learn where to find your

phone number and PIN and find out how to search.

How do I change my settings and options?

Do any of the following:

• On the home screen, press


• In an app, press and hold


Where is my email or other messages?

All of your email, text messages, social networking notifications, missed calls, and voice mail messages can be found in the
BlackBerry Hub. The BlackBerry Hub isn't like other apps on your BlackBerry device. It's at the core of the BlackBerry 10
experience, and it's always running so that you stay connected no matter what you're doing on your device.

On the home screen, highlight

and press the trackpad.

Where are my apps?

Some of the apps that you used on your old BlackBerry device might not be available on your BlackBerry 10 device. In the
BlackBerry World storefront, you can check if your old apps are available on the My World screen or find new apps.

Where are my tasks, memos, and voice notes?

• If you used BlackBerry Link to transfer the files from your old BlackBerry device to your new device, your tasks, memos,

and voice notes should be in the new BlackBerry Remember app.

• If you previously used tasks in BBM Groups, you still have access to those tasks in BBM.

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Where do I find my files?

You can find your files in the File Manager app. If you added a work account to your BlackBerry device and your
administrator turned on BlackBerry Balance technology, your device data, apps, and network access are divided into a
work space and a personal space. The separate spaces help you to avoid accidentally copying work data into a personal
app, or displaying confidential work data during a BBM Video chat. To switch spaces, drag your finger down on the middle
of the home screen and tap Personal or Work.

Where can I find my device info and passwords?

Where can I find my PIN?

In BBM, tap your profile picture. On your profile page, your PIN appears under your barcode. In an email or text

message, you can also type mypin to display your PIN.

How do I find my own phone number?


. In the Calls or Contact view, in the center of the screen, swipe down, and your phone number appears at

the top of the screen. In an email or text message, you can also type mynumber to display your phone number.

Where can I find details about my device software version and hardware?

On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap

Settings > About. To change the type of

information displayed, tap an option in the drop-down list.
In a message, note, or task, you can type myver followed by a space, to see your device model and the BlackBerry

10 OS version it is running. This feature might not be supported by your input language.

How do I search?

If you want to find something on your BlackBerry device, such as a message, a song, or an app, or if you want to search the
Internet, you can say or type your search in the BlackBerry Assistant. To open the BlackBerry Assistant, on the home
screen, tap


What is BlackBerry Link?

BlackBerry Link is software that you can install on your computer to link data, media files, and applications on your
BlackBerry device to your computer.
BlackBerry Link is the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Software and can be used with your BlackBerry 10 device.
To download BlackBerry Link, on your computer, visit

and select the Windows or Mac


User Guide

Setup and basics